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yazz flute

vodka, licor 43, honey, coconut milk, fig foam

milk was a bad choice

whiskey, ruby port, yuzu, lemon, milk clarified

scotchy, scotchy, scotch, i love scotch

scotch, ume, clove, lemon, soda water

the old, old wooden ship: diversity

whiskey, nixta, shochu, cinnamon, lemon, candy cap

loud noises!

vodka, coffee, chai, oat milk


gin, ampalaya, cap corse, genzianella

glass case of emotions

fruit infused gin, plum wine, white wine, citrus

rich mahogany

rum, cherry, cayenne, lime

afternoon delight

tequila, pimm's, montenegro, grapefruit, lime, soda water

sex panther

whiskey, maraschino, fernet, cherry heering, activated charcoal

¡cómo están bitches!

tequila. sotol, carrot, gochugaru, lime

i love lamp

mezcal, pear, honey, spices, pink peppercorn, lemon

dorothy mantooth is a saint

rum, coconut oil, butter, sugar, spices *served hot*

great odin's raven

apple brandy, licor 43, averna, lemon, orgeat, bitters *served hot*

james westfall

vodka, cherry, honey, lemon *shooter - 9*

dr. kenneth noisewater

tequila, nixta, coffee, oat milk, bitters *shooter - 9*

tabs left open after closing will have a 20% service charge applied

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