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overnight celebrity

vodka, nixta, ube, honey, lime, egg white

holladaq girl

rums, banana, spices, lime, honey nut cheerios, milk clarified

the woodcutter

japanese whisky, blended scotch, cognac, osmanthus tea, peach

life in lo-fi

blanco tequila, grapefruit, rosemary, lime, agave, soda water

summer lovin'

mezcal, nolet's gin, taro, coconut, rose, lime


whiskey, pineapple, passion fruit, dry curaçao, macadamia, spices

terrapin station

reposado tequila, brucato chaparral, aloe liqueur, celery, lime

fanghorn forest

gin, bruto americano, sweet vermouth, crème de mûre, thyme

pinky promise

gin, cocchi rosa, strawberry, pink peppercorn, calpico, lemon

day 'n' nite

vodka, espresso liqueur, china-china, sweet vermouth, mint

true killer

scotch, apricot, brucato chaparral, absinthe, orange, lemon

tabs left open after closing will have a 20% service charge applied

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